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Note: Minimum gap between bookings 30 mins

Hourly Rate (min 2 hours):£5.00
Day: (anything over 3 hours)£20.00

This price includes 15 chairs and 3 tables
Additional tables and chairs may be hired from the Institute at 50p per chair and £1 per table per day or part thereof - Please contact the Bookings Secretary

If you would like to use the Institute picture hanging facilities, please contact Mary Riddiford
Any losses/breakages and will be charged at cost price (as these hangers are quite expensive)

Booking fees are payable 2 weeks in advance

Please contact the Bookings Secretary
Full refunds if cancellation is over 2 weeks in advance. 50% refund thereafter

Dante Quintet rehearse in Blisland Institute
13 July 2017

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Exhibition April 2017

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The Blisland Institute

The Blisland Village Institute was refurbished in 2015 by the Parish Council from an extra funding by all village Council Tax players who agreed to an increase in the precept

The Institute puts on a number of events every year including two very successful Arts and Craft fairs over long weekends in the spring and late summer

The Institute Committee
Mary Riddiford Chair
Pat Almond Secretary
Charles Whitehead Bookings Secretary
Tammy White Treasurer
Trudi James
Gerry Sutton
Hannah Spencer
Steve Mason
Keith Lowden Parish Council representative
Lee Spencer Parish Council Representative

The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 17 July 2018   Details

For events on at the Institute please see the Events Page

Summer 2019 Exhibitions
Regular Classes